Vintage Korg MS-10 Monophonic Synthesizer In Pretty Bad Shape

Sold Price: $222.50 | # of Bids: 7

Sold On: 2017-12-10

You are bidding on a vintage-1978 Korg MS-10 Monophonic Synthesizer in extremely rough shape. I pulled it out of an abandoned house just days before it was demolished. There was a lot of cool stuff in that house. But I can’t talk about that. In any case, the place was sitting empty, rotting away, for twenty years. Things were left in the house after the owner passed away and there were no heirs. But, I digress. The thing actually powers up and makes noise when I turn the knobs. I don’t know anything about synths, but I think this one might be salvageable. I have no idea what it looks like inside. The pots are scratchy, the 1/4” jacks most likely are heavily oxidized, and it’s missing a couple of keys.