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Roland SH-1000 Vintage 1970s Analog Mono Synthesizer

Sold Price: $418 | # of Bids: 35 Sold On: 2017-10-26 Roland SH-1000 vintage 1970s analog mono synthesizer​. The SH-1000, introduced in 1973, was the first instrument produced by Roland, and probably one of the first compact affordable keyboard synthesizers in all of Japan. It was designed to complement a home organ. Above its keyboard… Read More »

Rare Roland JD-990 Expanded Plus 8mb Orchestral Ram Card 1993

Sold Price: $435 | # of Bids: 4 Sold On: 2017-09-27 The Roland JD-990 Super JD is a module version of Roland JD-800 synthesizer with expanded capabilities, which was released in 1993. JD-990 is a multitimbral synthesizer utilizing ‘wave-table’ sample-based synthesis technology. It is equipped with 6 MB of ROM containing wave-table, four sets of… Read More »

Vintage Roland PG 800 Programmer Controller

Sold Price: $406 | # of Bids: 23 Sold On: 2017-05-22 Vintage Roland PG 800 Programmer Controller for JX-8P, JX-10, MKS 70. Made in Japan. Comes with original cable and box. Overall in great cosmetic condition as seen in photos. More Photos of This Synth      

Roland XP-60 Keyboard Synthesizer

Sold Price: $797 | # of Bids: 22 Sold On: 2017-05-22 The Roland XP-60 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer. This keyboard is fully functional and without any dents or scratches. Included with the keyboard is a gig bag and sustain pedal. The XP-60 was one of Roland’s flagship digital Workstation Synthesizers. With extensive professional features, superb quality… Read More »

Roland JX-03 Synthesizer And K25 Keyboard

Sold Price: $228 | # of Bids: 4 Sold On: 2017-05-22 Classic JX-3P sound with PG-200 control. Launched in 1983, the JX-3P remains somewhat of a hidden gem in the vintage-synth pantheon. If you were looking for instant access to huge, stable Roland sounds, it obliged with an easy-to-use, button-driven interface in lieu of the… Read More »