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Rare Roland JD-990 Expanded Plus 8mb Orchestral Ram Card 1993

Sold Price: $435 | # of Bids: 4 Sold On: 2017-09-27 The Roland JD-990 Super JD is a module version of Roland JD-800 synthesizer with expanded capabilities, which was released in 1993. JD-990 is a multitimbral synthesizer utilizing ‘wave-table’ sample-based synthesis technology. It is equipped with 6 MB of ROM containing wave-table, four sets of… Read More »

Roland JD-990 Synth Module

Sold Price: $311   | # of Bids: 4 Sold On: 2016-12-29 The Roland JD-990 Synth Module is a rack-mount version of the popular Roland JD-800 Keyboard. It was released in 1993. It is a multi-timbral Synthesizer. It is an Analog/Digital sound module capable of doing both. It has four-sets of stereo outputs. [phpbay keywords=”Roland… Read More »

Roland JD-990 With Vintage Synth And Ram Card

Sold Price: $380   |   # of Bids: 13 Sold On: 2016-04-08 Here is a Roland JD-990 Synthesizer Module with the Vintage Synth Expansion card installed. Included is a M-256E Ram card with sounds loaded on it. The synth is in excellent working condition but has some scratches and blemishes. [phpbay keywords=”Roland JD-990″ num=”2″ siteid=”1″… Read More »

Roland JD 990 Super JD MIDI Sound Module

Sold Price: $406   |   # of Bids: 10 Sold On: 2016-01-16 This Roland JD 990 works great! Included is a SR JV 08-04 Vintage Synth Expansion Card and Maartist 256K sound storage card! [phpbay keywords=”Roland JD 990″ num=”2″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”PricePlusShippingHighest” templatename=”default”] More Photos of This Synth       [phpbay keywords=”Roland JD 990″ num=”1″… Read More »