Rare Vermona Analog Synthesizer German Legend

By | September 25, 2017

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Vintage Vermona analog synth. Very little information about this synth except that it is one of the only analog synthesizers produced by German music company Vermona throughout the 1980's. It is a 2-VCO monophonic analog synthesizer. It has most basic analog edit parameters. A 24 dB/oct analog VCF (filter) with 4 knobs (Brilliance, CutOff, Resonance, Contour), a single LFO to modulate the VCO or VCF sections and a typical ADSR VCA envelope. There are preset VCF and VCA settings as well as a Manual mode, but there is no real Patch setting storage available. Also absent are MIDI and CV or Gate. It's real basic analog stuff. It makes a real nice analog bass. Analog effects on-board is the portamento-like Glide effect and Vibrato. Colorful knobs, a clean layout, vintage wood end-cheeks and a genuine analog sound. It's an interesting piece.

Vermona 14 Analogsynthesizer
Vermona 14 Analogsynthesizer $2,360.00
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VERMONA Perfourmer MkII
VERMONA Perfourmer MkII $2,008.00
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Vermona 14 Perfourmer MKII Lancet synthesizer refrigerator Magnet $6.00
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