Korg Polysix Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

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Sold On: 2017-10-27

Korg Polysix vintage synthesizer. It is in great shape with just minor dings on the sides. The dreaded battery problem is non-existent here as this Polysix features a brand-new CPU board (+battery). All voices work, effects work, etc. 2 keys need a harder press sometimes but that seems to come with the territory with these old rubber-dome keys. This is an old synth and may need calibration upon arrival. This synth sounds phenomenal and huge; a true classic! SPECIFICATIONS: Polyphony – 6 VoicesOscillators – 1 VCO per voice (saw, PW, PWM) + 1 sub-oscillator per voiceLFO – 1 LFO assignable to VCA,VCF or VCOFilter – Low-pass only, self-oscillates at high resonance. ADSR envelope for VCF (filter).VCA – VCA uses filter’s ADSR envelope or simple gate on-offEffects – Chorus, phaser, ensembleMemory – 32 patchesKeyboard – 61 keysArpeg/Seq – Arpeggiator (Up, Down, Up/Down, Latch; Full, 2-oct, 1-oct; rate 0.2 to 20 Hz)Control – Chord memory, Arpeggiator sync in, CV input for filter cutoff.Date Produced – 1981.

Korg Polysix

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Korg Polysix