Ensoniq VFX-sd Vintage Digital Synthesizer

Sold Price: $203    |   # of Bids: 9

Sold On: 2016-02-24

Ensoniq VFX-SD Vintage Digital Transwave Synthesizer, a classic digital synth from the late 80’s / early 90’s. This synth has that unique Ensoniq sound with ‘Transwaves’ that let you sculpt strange, ethereal soundscapes that evolve over time. It was famously used in much of Front 242’s Industrial / EBM music, but also found a home in the studios of many Prog Rock keyboardists like Rick Wakeman (YES) and Tony Banks (Genesis). The basic VFX was an outstanding synth, with loads of voices and excellent built-in effects. The VFX-SD adds a 24-track sequencer, a second pair of outputs, additional voices including drum kits, and a disk drive that can be used to store patch or sequence data. The VFX-SD for sale in this auction is 100% functional with a few minor cosmetic flaws. The keys are a bit yellowed from age, and there are some scrapes and scratches on the case. Part of the ‘Ensoniq’ logo on the back has rubbed off. But the battery, display, disk drive, and all keys/buttons/sliders operate as they should. It sounds great!

Ensoniq VFX

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Ensoniq VFX