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Arp Pro Soloist From Japan

Sold Price: $405 | # of Bids: 2 Sold On: 2017-03-18 Arp Pro Soloist AS-IS. This item doesn’t work with amplifier. 3 Knobs are missing. Hard Case.  AC100-130V  50/60W. More Photos of This Synth      

Arp Axxe Analog Synth

Sold Price: $486 | # of Bids: 13 Sold On: 2017-03-12 Arp Axxe Analog Synth. There are some issues on this synth. It turns on, makes sounds after warm up, works perfectly fine but there’s some potentiometers that don’t function properly. Sliders, I have cleaned all the potentiometers and put new bushings in all the… Read More »

1970s Arp Odyssey MkII 2813 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

Sold Price: $1185 | # of Bids: 25 Sold On: 2016-04-23 This ARP Odyssey MKII 2813 synthesizer in completely serviced and perfectly functional condition. Studio ready, and in very excellent cosmetic condition, this is a great sounding analog synth, no issues. All original slider caps present, 100% intact. A fantastic version of the Odyssey. More… Read More »

Arp Quadra Analog Synth Synthesizer

Sold Price: $2900    |    # of Bids: 5 Sold On: 2016-02-16 ARP QUADRA Synthesizer – Cosmetically mint condition ARP Quadra, other than one missing slider knob. We’ve done only some limited testing – it does produce some sound. All of the membrane switches toggle their LED on/off – but we can’t tell if… Read More »

Rare ARP 2600 2601 Classic Analog Synth With 3620 Keyboard

Sold Price: $7357   |   # of Bids: 3 Sold On: 2016-02-08 This is a beautiful ARP 2600 2601 v1.0 with 3620 keyboard. Both are in excellent, fully functional condition and have been restored and upgraded (see below). The “orange and black” 2601 is the last 2600 version produced by ARP. It is the… Read More »

ARP 2600P Synthesizer With 3604P Keyboard

Sold Price: $4137   |   # of Bids: 8 Sold On: 2016-01-24 ARP 2600P Synthesizer with 3604P Keyboard Comes with keyboard connection cable (original) and power cable (not original). Incredible ARP 2600P Synthesizer with 3604P Keyboard. This is a functioning unit (with the exception of the issues listed below) and is cosmetically in great shape… Read More »

Vintage Arp Omni-2 Synthesizer Model 2473

Sold Price: $730   |   # of Bids: 10 Sold On: 2015-12-27 I know very little about this Arp Omni-2 Synthesizer, other than it was purchased from a school system in working condition. It’s model 2473. The Arp Omni-2 is basically the same machine as its predecessor, except for a few minor enhancements and… Read More »

ARP Odyssey MKIII Vintage Original

Sold Price: $1025    | # of Bids: 2 Sold On: 2015-07-26 Here is a classic synth as used by many artists in the 70s. This one needs a little love to be back at it’s former glory, but I believe it is close. Recently serviced with all pots, jacks, sliders and switches cleaned on… Read More »