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Akai AX80 Vintage Keyboard Synthesizer

Sold Price: $405   |   # of Bids: 23 Sold On: 2016-02-10 Vintage Akai AX80 Synthesizer. Has not been used in years. Was plugged in and all the lights lit. Played the first presets and it played fine. The overall condition cosmetically is excellent. More Photos of This Synth      

Akai VX90 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

Sold Price: $375   |   # of Bids: 10 Sold On: 2016-01-25 AKAI VX90 Analog polyphonic synthesizer. When I hooked it up to a Roland A-37 controller I was truly blown away by how powerful and wide this thing sounds! If you’re looking at this- you know what this is. Hard to find! Even harder… Read More »

Akai AX60 Analog Polyphonic Synth

Sold Price: $510    | # of Bids: 36 Sold On: 2015-08-25 The Akai AX60 was designed to contend with the Juno series of the time and retains many of the same chips as the Juno. What makes this synth different though is that the range of control extends past what the Juno can do.… Read More »