Arp Odyssey 2810 Vintage Analogue Synth W/4035 Filter

Sold Price: $1500.00 | # of Bids: 1

Sold On: 2017-12-07

This is possibly the best deal you will find on a VINTAGE ARP Odyssey Mk II 2810 circa 1975 (this is NOT one of the new Korg imitation reissues). It has been professionally refurbished by LA Synth Co. (docs provided) All the sliders cleaned and lubed, connections cleaned and all the key bushings replaced. Though this is a mkII it has some mk1 ‘crossover’ features: the rotary pitch bend knob and contains the original highly sought-after 4035 4-pole filter famously ‘borrowed’ by ARP from the Moog filter of the same era. ALSO INCLUDED:-ORIGINAL Anvil road case with brand new freshly installed foam.-ORIGINAL “Instant Odyssey” patch templates which include 2 blanks for your own custom sounds -Copies of Odyssey user manual and patch book (I never had originals)-Monster cable audiophile RCA>¼” output cord.It’s all original except for 4 rubber feet I recently added, (originals were missing) and slider caps are missing on VCO, Keyboard CV and HPF sliders. These are available online, if you feel the need to replace.It sounds and works awesome, you will be thrilled to conjure up all of the original famous sounds of the ’70’s and early 80’s as only a 100% analogue ARP Odyssey can.

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